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A New Door

My dad and my uncle came by a few days ago and installed my new front door. It’s changed the whole feel of the exterior of my house. Even my next door neighbor threw a compliment about it over the fence this evening. The whole process was not without some snags. I had ordered a […]

DIY Life, Painting, Remodeling

Many Thanks

It’s been an exhausting, but rewarding, whirlwind of activity these last couple weeks. I’m attempting to move-in to my tiny house this week. Sharing a reflective beer with my dad after a a busy day of patching drywall, hanging blinds, hanging shelves, unpacking, figuring out the amount of pipe needed for running a gas line […]

Cleaning, Painting

Painting and Patching

The last couple of weeks have been a frenzy of patching and painting. I’ve painted two rooms so far and the difference is incredible. I’ve been using Kilz and it really does block the old smoke and musty odor. It also covers all the stains and yellowing from the previous occupant. I’ve also had to […]


Plumber’s Crack

I spent a whole Sunday unclogging my sewer. After the first round of painting, I was cleaning my tools in the sink when water began backing up into the bathtub and toilet. Uh oh! What was going to be a day of painting turned into a day of snaking. No bueno! My dad helpfully showed […]

History, Quonset

My Little Piece of History

Demoing my house and realizing that it wasn’t all metal, like modern quonsets are, made me do some research into the history of these buildings.  The US Navy Quonset Blog has an excellent post about the process of building these very efficient buildings. For me, the biggest surprise was that the only metal part of […]

Demolition, Remodeling

Demo Day!

Demolition day has finally arrived and I’m gettin’ my DIY-on. Thanks to the help of my dad and my nephew, Jared, I was able to complete the initial part of the demolition. Yay! In a way, I’m glad it worked out this way because not only did I save some money, but I also got […]


Waiting for Godot

Is there anything worse than waiting on someone? Hiring a contractor has been one of the most frustrating experiences in my life. I began the process in early April, shortly after I applied for my HELOC. I called around. I researched reviews. I had narrowed it down to three businessness. Two came out to give […]



I never really considered grounded outlets to be a luxury but my tiny house only has a handful of grounded outlets. Worse, three of those grounded outlets are in the walls I’m demo-ing. It looks like the electrical system was upgraded to 100 amp service with a modern breaker-box, but the receptacles didn’t get an […]